108 Ambulance crew became Angels for Anaemia Patient

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Puri: Exhibiting an exceptional sense of compassion, 108 ambulance workers adorned angelic attire to bring solace to patients battling severe anaemia. The spotlight of this touching incident is Prakash Sahu (49), who is undergoing treatment for anaemia at Puri District General Hospital. Faced with a critical condition, the doctor urgently recommended arranging blood AB positive group, causing distress as the required blood was unavailable in the hospital bank.

An angel appeared in the form of 108 Ambulance crew, Parikhit Barik, who was present at the scene. Learning of Prakash Sahu’s situation, Parikhi, matching the needed AB positive blood group, promptly donated a unit of this vital blood, alleviating the worries of the patient’s relatives.

Today, Prakash Sahu stands as a living testament to the compassion embedded in the humanity of 108 ambulance crew, praised for their timely and selfless act that transcended the ordinary, offering a lifeline to those in desperate need.

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