108 Ambulance crew returned patient’s money and valuables

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Bhubaneswar: In an act of remarkable honesty, 108 ambulance crews in Bhubaneswar displayed
their integrity when they returned a man’s belongings. The incident occurred when Gaur Chandra
Rath, a resident of Cuttack Old Town, suffered a serious injury after falling from a train at Retang
railway station on October 19th around 8:30 AM. The railway police promptly notified the 108
ambulance team. Responding swiftly, the 108-ambulance crew arrived at the accident scene and
successfully rescued the injured individual, transporting him to Capital Hospital.
During the rescue operation, the 108 Ambulance pilot, Rakesh Kumar Ghadai, Emergency Medical
Technician (EMT) Amiya Maharshi, and assistant Likhan Pradhan discovered Rs 1200 in cash, a
mobile phone, and several other valuable items on the injured man. Demonstrating their
commendable integrity, they promptly handed over these belongings at the Capital Hospital Help
The patient’s family subsequently contacted the 108 ambulance crews, expressing their deep
gratitude for the honesty and dedication displayed by these healthcare professionals.

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