21000 Local Linemen recognised by Tata Power led Odisha Discoms on Lineman Diwas

21000 Local Linemen recognised by Tata Power led Odisha Discoms on Lineman Diwas

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• Central Electricity Authority is celebrating March 4 as ‘Lineman Diwas’
• Linemen are ensuring reliable and quality power supply to approx. 5 crore people in the state of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Tata Power led Odisha Discoms, the 4 joint ventures between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, celebrated ‘Lineman Diwas’ today by recognising and acknowledging the tireless dedication of 21000 linemen and ground maintenance personnel, vital pillars of power distribution working across the state.

The local linemen navigate adversities ranging from natural disasters like cyclones, storms, high temperatures, difficult terrain to technical and operational complexities to ensure uninterrupted power supply and carry out their duties effectively. During Kalbaisakhi instances, also known as Nor’westers, these linemen face numerous challenges, such as fallen trees, uprooted poles, entangled live wires, and sunken roads, while restoring power supply, even in the most remote areas. They play a crucial role in safeguarding and powering crucial establishments like schools, colleges, banks, hospitals etc.

‘Lineman Diwas,’ introduced in 2021, recognizes the tireless dedication of ground maintenance staff vital to the nation’s electricity distribution. The Diwas theme, ‘Seva, Suraksha, Swabhiman,’ encapsulates the selfless service of linemen nationwide. These unsung heroes diligently respond to emergency calls, ensuring prompt repair and maintenance of power lines, instilling confidence in the public for swift restoration of power supply, day-to-day operations and maintenance, addressing technical snags, and facilitating new networks.

On the occasion of the fourth edition of Lineman Diwas by the Central Electricity Authority and National Safety Day, TP Odisha Discoms organized decentralised celebrations across Odisha where the best performing linemen were recognised by the senior management, rally was organised to commemorate safety week and campaigns were organised for employees and customers to #ThankALineman.

Apart from recognition, TP Odisha Discoms are committed to build a ‘Zero Harm Culture’ and adhere to the highest standards of safety for their linemen. They conduct regular safety training programs for them in line with the guidelines from the Energy Department, Government of Odisha, to make safety a priority and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties.
Odisha’s linemen have been demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination in maintaining an uninterrupted power supply, supporting various sectors, and contributing significantly to the state’s progress. Their hard work has significantly contributed to the improvement in customer service ratings of Odisha discoms, according to the annual CSRD report released by the Ministry of Power.
As a part of its distribution business in Odisha, Tata Power operates four discoms namely- TP Central, TP Southern, TP Northern, and TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited, and has been providing reliable and affordable electricity to approximately 5 crore people in rural and urban areas.

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