3D endospine surgery for slipped disc, sciatica now available in Odisha

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Bhubaneswar : The two most common and painful ailments of the spinal cord and vertebrae-slipped disc and sciatica could now be successfully operated on with very less pain, and cuts, noted endoscopic surgeon and orthopedician from Bhubaneswar Dr PC Dey said. Dr Dey said that the advanced 3D endospine surgery is now available in Odisha. It is considered as a minimally invasive technique. 

Dr Dey said that with the advent of advanced medical science like 3D endoscopic surgeries, the treatment and surgeries of such diseases could be done with minimally invasive techniques. Such techniques ensure lesser blood loss during treatment, smaller cuts or holes for surgeries and faster recovery of the patients. Dr Dey has already done more than 200 such cases in the last 1 year, eight months in Bhubaneswar at his clinic. Prior to this, he had used 2D endospine technology for surgeries for the last 16 years. He said such technology has been introduced for the first time in Odisha and is second in the world.

These two diseases are often the main causes of the commonly seen problem of back pain among the population. In most of these cases the nerves are compressed, leading to pain that grows radially. Sometimes it even leads to numbness and tingling of the foot and other health hazards when not diagnosed and treated timely.

“Back pain is almost the most common complaint heard in the present century. Apart from being common, it is also quite painful, distressing and causes limitations in day-to-day activities. It is estimated that 77% of the population presents with back pain and 35% with sciatica at least once during their lifetime. With the advent of M.R.I, the cause of back pain is diagnosed very early and almost 100% accurately. One such hands on training programme is being held from 23rd to 26th August 23,” said Dr PC Dey, Honorary secretary to WESS -world Endoscopic spine Society. Dr Dey is the pioneer in Endospine  surgery  in Odisha  and one of the pioneers in the world. He learnt this noble technique directly from the pioneer Dr. Jean Destandau from  France.

He also added that endoscopic spine surgery is the latest management trend for back pain issues. Dr Dey himself has done around 2,800 such surgeries with this technique. “It achieves almost 100% success in diagnosis and many fold accuracy in operative goals than traditional procedures like open or micro spine surgeries,” he said.

Dr Dey explained that under this technique, a small incision of around 16 m -18mm is made on their patients under this surgery. “Endoscopic equipment like a 4 mm 3D camera ,light, and a decompressor are used to see deeper structures which are almost 60 to 80 times magnified, so diagnosis could be possible in a far better way. The pain-causing nerve points inside the body like disc material, pathological bony projections and thickened ligaments could be removed quite accurately with this technique. This aids in decompression of the parts of the affected nerves. Such surgeries are often the least painful compared to conventional surgeries, including large cuts, surgeries, and long hospitalizations,” he said.

“In endoscopic spinal surgeries, the patient can walk to the toilets within 3-4 hours post surgery and go home the next day itself. This surgery gives the patients the least pain and cuts, and its recovery time is much faster. After such surgeries with this technique, there is hardly any chance of relapse of the disease,” Dr Dey said.

Dr Dey is often involved in training the fraternity with the latest advanced medical technologies like endospine. At regular intervals, Dr Dey has been arranging training programmes and conferences at national and international levels on Endospine. He is also part of the WESS (World Endoscopic Spine  Society) Congress and uses the forum to train the  Ortho & Neurosurgeons of India and other countries. He also visits different parts of India & Abroad to train the Neuro and Ortho Surgeons frequently .

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