AIIMS-Bhubaneswar commissions Drone Health Service

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– Delivers a Blood Unit for a needy patient
– Covers 60km only in 35 minutes
– First of its kind in the country
– Can be useful in delivering essential medical supplies

Bhubaneswar, 25/01/2024: In a first of its kind initiatives to integrate technology into the healthcare system, AIIMS Bhubaneswar has commissioned Drone health service today. Two days after a successful trial run, the national institute has initiated the use of drones to transport critical medical items. The inaugural drone flight, executed flawlessly, transported a vital unit of blood from AIIMS Bhubaneswar to Tangi CHC, covering a distance of 60 km in a remarkable 35 minutes. The historic flight marked the first-ever drone-assisted blood delivery not only in Odisha but across the entire country.
Dr. Ashutosh Biswas, Executive Director of AIIMS Bhubaneswar, expressed his satisfaction with the successful trial, stating, “Delivering a blood bag to a patient through a drone has been successfully conducted for the first time. This initiative represents a significant leap in integrating technology into our healthcare system. It also collected blood samples from the CHC before returning to AIIMS.”
The 12 kg drone, equipped to carry medical loads ranging from 2 to 5 kg, achieved a speed of 90 km/hour during the mission. Utilizing GPS technology, the drone demonstrated exceptional precision in navigation, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of essential medical supplies.
This pioneering effort aligns with the directives of the Health Ministry, showcasing AIIMS Bhubaneswar’s commitment to advancing healthcare services. The drone health service is anticipated to play a crucial role in emergency situations, facilitating the rapid delivery of drugs, injections, and other vital medical supplies.
This innovative approach not only enhances healthcare delivery during emergencies but also positions AIIMS Bhubaneswar as a leader in leveraging technology for the betterment of public health. The institution remains committed to exploring and implementing advancements that elevate the standards of healthcare services.
Dr. Dillip Kumar Parida, MS, Dr. Sonu H Subba, Dr. Satyaprakash, Dr. Manisha R Gaikwad, Dr. Priyamadhaba Behera, Dr. Abhishek Mishra, Dr. Anshuman Sahu, and DDA(I/c)) Rasmiranjan Sethy were present on the occasion, emphasizing the collaborative effort behind this ground-breaking initiative.

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