Celebrate Baby Massage Day with Johnson’s Baby Oil: The Perfect Choice to help nourish your little one’s skin from day 1

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~Enhance Your Baby’s Developmental Journey: Baby Massage Day Calls for Gentle Nourishment ~

Bhubaneswar – Massaging a baby has wide ranging benefits and is an inherent part of the Indian tradition. It aids in improving blood circulation, makes the limbs more supple, improves weight gain in a baby as well as nourishes their delicate skin. Massaging a baby also helps in soothing and calming a baby, relieving physical and emotional stress in the baby and ensures better sleep. On occasion of Baby Massage Day (April 8), it is important to reinforce the health benefits of rightly massaging a baby and its role in the overall development of a newborn.

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)1 have put in place standardized guidelines to ensure quality pediatric skin care for neonates, infants, and children. As per IAP guidelines, oil acts as a source of warmth and nutrition and helps in weight gain of the babies. Babies massaged with an oil showed less stress behavior and lower cortisol levels than those who were given massage without oil. The guidelines also recommend avoiding natural olive oil and mustard oil when massaging a baby as they are known to disrupt the skin barrier.

A recent survey2 conducted by Johnson’s Baby, comprising of 596 respondents who are new mothers, acknowledge the benefits of massaging in improving bone growth, blood circulation, quality sleep and addressing colic. Today, a massage has become an essential part of a baby’s skincare routine with approximately 85% respondents massaging their babies at least once a day. The survey also revealed that 44% mothers prefer lightweight oils like coconut oil for their daily baby massages, however 30% use vegetable oils like olive oil and mustard oil for their baby’s massage routine, which, studies & research suggest can potentially disrupt a baby’s delicate skin barrier.  When massaging their newborns, 40% mothers said one of the biggest challenges they experience is to understand the right massage techniques. 73% mothers believe that their newborns should be massaged with gentle strokes.

Johnson’s Baby Oil stands as the ultimate companion to nourish a baby’s skin. Designed with only baby safe ingredients, Johnson’s Baby Oil is enriched with pure vitamin E to help condition and nourish baby’s delicate skin making it suitable for daily massages. Its light and non-sticky texture protects the baby’s skin barrier helping in baby’s development from Day 1. Formulated with only gentle and safe ingredients, Johnson’s Baby Oil is made with no harmful chemicals such as parabens, dyes, and phthalates.

To raise awareness on the right techniques around massaging a baby, Johnson’s Baby launched #firstmassagekitaiyari – an influencer campaign on various social media channels and digital communities, for engaging with new mums in relation to massaging techniques. The campaign saw 1,000 posts on Instagram and Youtube as well as 9000+ interactions3 and engagement with mums on various Facebook communities.

This Baby Massage Day, choose Johnson’s Baby Oil for a nurturing and loving start to your baby’s skincare routine and to create delightful moments with your little one.  

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