CII 10th Edition Farm 2 Fork highlights the potential for improvement in agricultural exports

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Bhubaneswar, 28 June 2024: The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized the 10TH Edition of CII Farm2Fork in Bhubaneswar on 28 June 2024. The session highlighted the opportunities to increase the export of agricultural and food processed products of the state.Odisha being an agrarian state, stakeholder can grab the opportunities in the exports anddiscussed the possibilities and challenges therein.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr B Sumant, Chairman, CII ER Government Industry Agri and Food Processing Forum and Executive Director, ITC Limited said that there is huge potential for export of paddy, wheat and organic spices from Odisha. He said that compared to other states, the use of fertilizers in paddy cultivation in Odisha is less. In such a situation, if the farmers focus on cultivating ‘food safe’ paddy, it can be exported which is in huge demand in the international market. Similarly, if quality wheat is grown, it can be purchased directly from the farmers by the food processing companies. The weather in the state is very friendly for organic farming. Organic spices can be grown and exported which have a huge demand in Europe, he said.
Mr Suvendra Kumar Behera, Chairman, CII Eastern Region and Vice Chairman and Managing Director, RSB Transmissions (I) Limited said that in order to export agricultural products, one has to first understand the needs of the international market. Emphasis has to be laid on quality standards and less use of fertilizers and pesticides. He added saying “when we are thinking for the export, our quality level should be internationally acceptable otherwise it becomes difficult to export Agri product in Global market. We have to modernise completely as per the demand of the world not for the country. In the Global market, quality is the benchmark for selling products.We at CIIarekeen to focus on how to do the certification up to international standards for exports of the Agri product.
Mr Andalib Elias, Deputy High Commissioner, Bangladesh highlighted strong connectivitybetween India and Bangladesh by rail and waterways. He said that waterways is the cheapest after railway for transportation which can be leveraged to enhance trade between two sides. He said that although Bangladesh is one of the major exporter of Rice, Potato and Spices, it lacks strength in adding value to those.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Pradipta Mohanty, Chairman, CII Odisha Council and Chairman, Surendra Mining Industries Pvt. Ltd said that while 60 per cent of the state’s labour force is dependent on the agriculture, increasing the income of farmers remains a challenge. Odisha is one of the major rice producing states in the country along with fruits and vegetables. Shrimps and prawns are also being produced and processed in large quantities here.
Mr. Sunil Gupta, Vice Chairman, CII Odisha State Council and Chief Executive Officer, Vedanta Limited concluded the program saying that “we will have work on post-harvest crop management and make it export-friendly”.

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