Consumer survey on ‘AC Usage in Indian Homes’ by Godrej Appliances reveals drastic surge in AC usage & energy bills this summer

Consumer survey on ‘AC Usage in Indian Homes’ by Godrej Appliances reveals drastic surge in AC usage & energy bills this summer

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Mumbai: Godrej Appliances, business unit of Godrej & Boyce,released interesting insights on ‘AC Usage in Indian Homes’ based on a consumer survey conducted in partnership with Twentify India which studied AC usage patterns in Indian households, its impact on energy bills and maintenance practices followed.

More than 50% respondents reported that their AC usage this summer had doubled (or more) compared to a few years ago while almost 90% agreed that the AC usage was at least 1.5 times more. Close to two thirds claimed that the number of ACs installed in their home had gone up in the last two years. 90% also stated that their energy bills have been rising rapidly over the last few years with summers accounting for the highest proportion. 52% said that the energy bill during summer was almost double their average energy bill. The figures are a direct consequence of the unprecedented rise in summer temperatures and heatwave being witnessed in different parts of the country.

According to Kamal Nandi, Business Head and Executive Vice President – Godrej Appliances, part of Godrej & Boyce,AC Industry as whole has grown by 1.5 times in India this year as compared to last summer. We have witnessed almost 2X growth ourselves. While this is good news for the appliance industry, we need to reflect on what it means for the environment, the energy demands in coming times and the impact on household expenses as well. This survey underscores the urgent need for adoption of higher star-rated ACs to lower energy consumption, given that a five star 1.5 Tr AC saves upto 25% energy compared to a 3-star AC. Godrej Appliances stays committed to meeting the growing demand for high quality cooling solutions in India but at the same time, also recognizes the need to do so in an environment friendly sustainable manner.”

The survey also revealed:

  • 86% consumers claimed that they are trying to take steps to manage their rising energy bills – ranging from the family sleeping in the same room to switching the AC off in a few hours to using energy saving modes in the AC, etc.  
  • 65% consumers reported using at least one AC that has not been serviced in the last 1 year or longer while 26% of respondents resort to servicing their ACs only when there is a problem. This practise was seen to be lowest in South at 20% where 65% claimed to be servicing their ACs at least once in a year.
  • A fifth agreed that they got their AC services by a local technician instead of company authorized technicians. This incidence is relatively higher in West region with 23%.

Kamal Nandi further adds, “The survey identified significant gaps in the AC maintenance practice among consumers. At Godrej Appliances, we strongly advocate for regular maintenance and servicing of Air Conditioners, as this can greatly enhance its performance and longevity, leading to reduced energy consumption.”

About Godrej Appliances

Godrej Appliances, a business unit of Godrej & Boyce, is one of the leading Home Appliances players in India. Godrej & Boyce was the first Indian Company in 1958 to manufacture refrigerators and since then Godrej Appliances has expanded its portfolio across several categories like Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, futuristic Thermo-electric cooling solutions, Air Coolers, Deep Freezers, highly specialized Medical Refrigerators, Dishwashers, and the specialized Insulin Cooler. This portfolio has been powered by the driving philosophy of ‘Things Made Thoughtfully.’ Environment protection is a core value at Godrej and our products and processes are based on both human-centric design and planet-centric design. Both manufacturing units of Godrej Appliances became the first in India to win the coveted Platinum Plus Green Co. certification for their pioneering eco-friendly practices. The brand takes pride in its carefully designed products and environment-friendly technologies. Further to this, it promptly provides the best-in-class consumer – rated after-sales service through more than 680 service centers and 4500+ SmartBuddy service experts pan-India

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