Covers 540 Km on a Bicycle for Electrical Safety; Malkangiri to Berhampur

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TPSODL employee Saumya’s Commitment to Safety Excellence

Berhampur: In Electrical Safety Awareness, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), Team Lead, Project, Saumya Ranjan Lenka, has reached Berhampur after covering a 540 km cycling journey from Malkangiri. This remarkable ‘Safety Awareness Journey’ is part of the company’s ‘Zero Harm Mission.’ The entire TPSODL family proudly welcomes Mr. Lenka for successfully completing this safety awareness journey. Today, on his day of arrival at the Berhampur Corporate Office, TPSODL organised an appreciation ceremony. Joining on this occasion Mr. Amit Garg, the Chief Executive Officer, applauded his efforts in spreading the safety awareness.

Mr. Lenka while interacting with the employees during the welcome ceremony, said- “We all need to prioritize electrical safety. I have started the journey with the aim of sharing this Electrical Safety awareness so that we don’t meet with any accidents. During the journey, I met the employees and various sections of the public and gave them awareness messages. By making electronic safety a priority, we can build a safer and more aware society. I am proud to be a part of this effort.”

Saumya Ranjan Lenka started the “Bicycle Journey” from Malkangiri on October 20. The purpose was to raise awareness about electrical safety among the common masses, the company’s employees, consumers, and the general public. The journey took place during the festival season, and supported by all. The cycle awareness journey has been successful in conveying safety message almost in several towns, 200 hundred villages across 5 circles of TPSODL.

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