Customer interest is of paramount importance - TPNODL

Customer interest is of paramount importance – TPNODL

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Introduction of advanced technology transforming electricity supply.

Low voltage issues addressed to large extent

Balasore – TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL) a joint venture of Tata Power and Government of Odisha has been exemplary in transforming power sector infrastructure in Northern Odisha within a few years of its operation. Gamut of solid initiatives have been undertaken by TPNODL in its areas of operation in Balasore, Bhadrak, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Jajpur districts to uphold consumers’ larger interests and  to ensure reliable power supply. Responsible officials and dedicated employees of TPNODL have made sure that existing issues in power supply are eased down substantially and consumers are having better times in terms of accessing electricity services.

Introduction of modern and advanced technologies have been a trademark of TPNODL over the last two to three years. 11kva and 33 kva grids are now controlled and managed by advanced Power System Control centers ( PSCC ) and fault detection and reparation have been simplified like never before. With the use of advanced and superior technologies like Cable fault locator, Auto recloser, trolley mounted DTR, underground cabling and drone based thermography, power sector infrastructure landscape has been transformed dramatically in northern Odisha.

Employee base has been increased significantly by TPNODL to cater to the needs of such a vast location in North Odisha. Gone are those days when customers had to deal with hours long power cut after the slightest of rain as timely steps ensured by TPNODL have substantially reduced issues like power cut and low voltage. A series of new transformers have been installed and existing ones are upgraded to withstand more load. Safety has always been the top priority for TPNODL management and in line with it, a vast number of unfenced transformers within its area of operation have been ensured with proper boundary walls and exclusive teams are deployed for the maintenance of cables, poles and transformers. Now there are no lower hanging risky electricity cables and no frequent fuse failures. All employees and workers are positively provided with required safety equipment and are systematically trained to tackle any safety related exigencies.

Reiterating its commitment towards the wellbeing of society, TPNODL is undertaking a plethora of CSR initiatives like providing education to deprived children and skill development training to the youth and women making themselves self-reliant. Moreover TPNODL’s mobile health care units have turned out to be a boon for the rural people who could access door step health checkup and medication. TPNODL has stated that hard work and dedication of its sincere employees coupled with the immense cooperation of the general public have made the dramatic transformation possible in the power sector in northern Odisha.

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