"Driving the Change: Ujaas Menstrual Health Express Concludes 1809 KM Tour, Unveils Menstrual Health Awareness in Odisha"

“Driving the Change: Ujaas Menstrual Health Express Concludes 1809 KM Tour, Unveils Menstrual Health Awareness in Odisha”

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Bhubaneswar: The Ujaas Menstrual Health Express, a ground-breaking initiative spearheaded by Ms. Advaitesha Birla and supported by the Aditya Birla Education Trust, has arrived in Bhubaneswar. Building upon its impactful journey across Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, this unique program brings forth a revolutionary change by raising awareness about menstrual health and hygiene management in the city.
The initiative has already extended its reach to various areas cites across Bhubaneswar reaching out comprehensively to adolescent girls and women through local schools, orphanages and government run colleges, girls hostel by organizing awareness workshops and proactively distributing free sanitary napkins in the state of Odisha. Ujaas’ esteemed NGO partner, Nirabhra Sustainable Development Foundation, efficiently facilitated the local outreach efforts. As part of these activities, Ujaas also gathers essential data regarding the diverse cultural practices and beliefs surrounding menstruation in the state. This data undergoes comprehensive analysis to identify practical interventions and solutions aimed at addressing the myths and stigmas associated with menstruation.
As the year progresses, the collaborative campaign is anticipated to have a significant impact, making a lasting impression on the menstrual health landscape in Odisha and its diverse cities. The Ujaas Menstrual Express Van, launched in Mumbai, has effectively journeyed across the entire country, magnifying its influence on a national scale.
Ms. Advaitesha Birla, Founder of Ujaas, “After successfully concluding educational workshops in multiple cities, we find ourselves come closer to achieving our strong commitment of dispelling myths around menstrual practices. Our goal has always been to foster a culture that can embrace and truly understand and support menstrual health. We hope to bring a revolution in social perceptions and actively advocate for menstruation health, which is a dream coming true. This initiative is a strong representation of empowerment and change, paving the path for a more inclusive and enlightened future.”
Driven by its dedication to dispelling taboos and misconceptions surrounding menstruation, Ujaas remains steadfast in its mission to foster nationwide awareness of menstrual health and hygiene, making a significant contribution to societal development. The ‘Ujaas Menstrual Health Express’ marks a pioneering effort in India, aiming to reach 25 states and 107 cities, covering a vast distance exceeding 25,0000 kilometers. At the heart of this initiative lies the specially designed Menstrual Health Express Van, strategically traversing diverse regions and communities. More than just a vehicle, this specially designed van symbolizes change, breaking down barriers, and nurturing a society where menstrual health is acknowledged as a fundamental right rather than a taboo.
The Ujaas Menstrual Health Express is not merely about distributing menstrual pads; it signifies a broader movement, challenging societal norms, and ensuring that every individual, regardless of gender, understands and supports the importance of menstrual health. Ujaas invites communities and citizens across the country to be part of this transformative initiative and contribute to creating a society that embraces menstrual health and hygiene as an integral part of everyday conversation.

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