Electricity theft is not only illegal but also burdens law-abiding citizens with increased costs and unreliable service

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Bhubaneswar: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) has undertaken a range of initiatives, including infrastructure development, technological advancements, and enhancements in customer care services. With a commitment to providing reliable and uninterrupted power supply to consumers, TPCODL invests significantly in infrastructure. However, the company also faces significant losses attributed to the unethical practice of electricity theft.
To safeguard honest consumers and curb illegal hooking, TPCODL conducts mass drives across its domain. These campaigns identify and disconnect unauthorized connections, ensuring power is supplied to those who pay. Drives involve meter inspections, wiring checks, and more. Stringent action against offenders is taken to deter theft and reduce Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses, ultimately easing the financial burden on honest consumers.
In an alarming revelation within the Puri Electrical Division, TPCODL’s vigilant enforcement team exposed a significant case of electricity theft at a Hotel and Resort. The establishment stands accused of surreptitiously diverting a staggering 185 kW of power. This illicit activity was unearthed during a routine inspection, creating ripples of concern throughout the local community. The urgency to address such unauthorized practices has become undeniable. The cumulative impact of these unauthorized connections amounted to a staggering 185kW, signifying potential revenue losses exceeding Rs. 1 Crore.
TPCODL is unequivocally resolved to take decisive actions against those involved in electricity theft, in accordance with the Indian Electricity Act of 2003, which designates such activities as “Pilferage of Electricity.” Section 135 of this Act stipulates stringent penalties, including the possibility of imprisonment for repeat offenders.
TPCODL strives to heighten awareness of these unsafe and unethical practices, which imperil both power supply integrity and public safety. Individuals are urged to refrain from power theft and report instances swiftly. Submit reports via WhatsApp (9437158670), email (enforcement@tpcentralodisha.com), or the TPCODL Mitra app. stringent actions will be taken against violators, underscoring the seriousness of their actions.

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