Goa delegates on a five-day visit to Odisha to study it’s sports ecosystem

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Bhubaneswar, 6 March , 2024 – The Sports and Youth Services Department, Government of Odisha, hosted a delegation from the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, Goa. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a comprehensive study of the sports ecosystem of Odisha and the unique High performance Model established at the Kalinga Stadium.

Led by Swetika Sachan, IAS, Secretary (Sports & Industries), Government of Goa, the delegation included Dr. Geeta S Nagvenkar, GCS, Executive Director of the Sports Authority of Goa, Santosh Bhimgovda, Assistant Engineer, Public Works Department, Goa and  other officials.

The delegation visited key sports facilities at the Kalinga Stadium, including Indoor Athletics Centre, Sports Science Centre, Aquatics Centre, Tennis Centre, Gymnastics Centre, Hockey High Performance Centre, and the AIFF FIFA Talent Academy.

They aimed to understand the entire process of establishing High Performance Centers, corporate partnership procedures, sports infrastructure development, and management. Additionally, they delved into the intricacies of hosting international sporting events.

Expressing his warm welcome to the delegates, CEO, Hockey Promotion Council of Odisha, Deepankar Mohapatra, stated, “We are delighted to host the representatives of the Directorate of Sports And Youth Affairs, Goa, for an in-depth study of Odisha’s sports ecosystem. I extend my congratulations to Goa for successfully hosting the National Games last year and it is encouraging to see their commitment to furthering their sports initiatives. This collaboration is a significant step towards advancing India’s position as a sporting nation, and we are honored to have facilitated this exchange to assist them in understanding the Odisha sports model.”

Throughout their visit, the delegation engaged with coaches and senior officials of the Odisha sports department, for an in depth understanding of the state’s sports landscape.  The delegation expressed their delight to be at the Kalinga Stadium and commended the emphasis given to developing world class infrastructure and the development and promotion of sports.

This visit marks a pivotal moment in the collaboration between Odisha and Goa, fostering knowledge sharing and cooperation to elevate sports development efforts in both regions

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