Government Approves Digital Advertisement Policy 2023 to Enhance Outreach

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In a significant move reflecting a keen awareness of the shifting tides in media consumption, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has given the green light to the Digital Advertisement Policy 2023. This ground-breaking policy signals a strategic leap into the digital realm, aiming not only to amplify the reach of awareness campaigns but also to disseminate crucial information regarding government schemes, programs, and policies in the ever-evolving digital era.

The Central Bureau of Communication (CBC), the advertising wing of the government, will play a pivotal role in implementing this policy. The ministry, in a statement, highlighted the necessity of responding to the changing dynamics of media consumption, which is increasingly digitalized. The advent of digital platforms provides a substantial subscriber base, and technology-enabled messaging options through digital advertisements will facilitate the effective delivery of citizen-centric messages in a targeted manner.

One of the key aspects of the Digital Advertisement Policy is the empaneling of agencies and organizations in the over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand space. Recognizing the growing popularity of podcasts and digital audio platforms, CBC will leverage these avenues to amplify the government’s communication strategy.

Furthermore, the policy allows CBC to streamline the process of empaneling internet websites and extend its reach through mobile applications. As social media platforms continue to dominate public conversations, the policy facilitates the placement of government advertisements on these platforms, enhancing the government’s engagement with the digital audience.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting emphasized that almost all ministries and government departments already have dedicated social media handles, producing content such as infographics and videos. However, the reach of these materials is often limited to the subscribers of these handles. With the implementation of the Digital Advertisement Policy, the outreach of government ministries and departments will be significantly expanded, complemented by the efforts of the Central Bureau of Communication.

The policy also introduces competitive bidding for rate discovery, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the process. Rates discovered through this method will remain valid for three years and will be applicable to all eligible agencies. This approach not only promotes fair competition but also contributes to cost efficiencies in public-oriented campaigns.

“The Policy recognizes the dynamic nature of the digital landscape and empowers CBC to onboard new and innovative communication platforms in the digital space with the approval of a duly constituted committee,” the statement said.

In conclusion, the Digital Advertisement Policy 2023 signifies a strategic move by the government to harness the power of digital media in effectively communicating with the public. As technology continues to shape the way information is consumed, this policy ensures that the government remains at the forefront of digital communication, delivering messages in a targeted and efficient manner.

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