India’s Fastest growing Energy Solutions brand ‘Amaze’ further strengthens its position by launching widest range of Inverter, batteries and solar products

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Unveiled in presence of Brand Ambassador Virat Kohli

 A Luminous Power Technologies brand, Amaze, aims to double its market share and consumer touchpoints in the next 3 years.

 Taking a lead on the sustainability, the company will have a strong focus on solar, showcasing its superlative range of Solar solutions.

 Making it further accessible, Amaze product range will be launched on select online retail platforms.

Bengaluru: Amaze, a leading provider of power backup solutions in India, unveiled its widest range of energy solutions today. Being one of the fastest growing inverter and battery brand in India, Amaze offers an extensive range of inverters, batteries and solar products that are designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts. With an aim to strengthen its presence across India, the company will launch its product range on select online retail, making it further accessible to its potential consumers across tier 2 and 3 cities in the country.

The launch ceremony was graced by star cricketer, Virat Kohli, along with Luminous Power Technologies team including Preeti Bajaj, CEO and MD, Neelima Burra, Senior VP and Chief Strategy, Transformation and Marketing Officer, Amit Shukla, Senior Vice President & Country Head – Energy Solutions Business and Rajesh Kalra, Vice President – Amaze Energy Solutions Business.

Speaking on the occasion, Preeti Bajaj, CEO and MD of Luminous Power Technologies, said, “Amaze has established itself as a high-performing, energy-efficient and reliable brand, powering the dreams and aspirations of emerging India with uninterrupted power supply. The next wave of growth in the retail and energy sector is being witnessed in Bharat, from tier 2 and 3 cities, powered by higher purchasing power. With a strategic focus on innovation, sustainability and expansion, Amaze is poised to make a significant impact on the energy landscape in India, and our target is to double our market share and customer touchpoints in next 3 years. Leveraging this expansive distribution network, we aim to further boost our growth with strong focus on high-capacity inverters and solar solutions.”

“India is on the pathway to build a sustainable power network on its road to achieve Net Zero targets. In a world where sustainable energy is becoming a necessity, Amaze Solar Solutions have been developed to cater to a diverse range of consumers, from individual homeowners to small enterprises. We are empowering our consumers to make conscious choices about their energy consumption while contributing to a greener planet”, Preeti Bajaj added.

According to Amaze Brand Ambassador Virat Kohli, “I’m extremely delighted to be part of the Amaze family. Passion and reliability are the common quotients that I share with the brand. The idea is always to strive for the better and I hope Amaze continues to deliver reliable and efficient power back-up to Indian homes and businesses so that they can pursue their calling uninterrupted.”

Virat Kohli has been associated with the brand Amaze since 2018 and has been an integral part of the company’s marketing and social campaigns over the years. Brand Amaze stands for trust and performance – the qualities that resonate perfectly with Virat Kohli’s personality. He is an embodiment of fulfilling aspirations and dreams coming true. His passion for the game resonates with Amaze’s core ethos and drive towards customer centricity.

The Amaze range of products have been developed keeping in mind the needs of the consumers and businesses impacted by disrupted power supply. The products include advanced high-capacity inverters for home and small commercial establishments along with long lasting and heavy-duty batteries. The superlative range of solar solutions includes solar inverters, C10 rated solar batteries and high-tech solar panels. With robust built quality and advanced technologies, Amaze products have been engineered to provide seamless power backup during outages, ensuring the smooth functioning of households, businesses, and critical equipment. The new range of solar inverters is designed for high performance catering to diverse consumer needs.

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