Indiastat Press Release on ‘Indiastat Ventures into e-Learning with Two High-Impact Courses

Indiastat Ventures into e-Learning with Two High-Impact Courses

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INDIASTAT – the market leader in providing comprehensive socioeconomic and electoral statistical information about India, its states, regions, districts and parliamentary/assembly constituencies – today announced its entry into online education. Indiastat is considered a trusted source for socioeconomic and electoral data, empowering researchers, scholars and institutions with its extensive knowledge base.

After more than two decades of offering invaluable data and insights to the global research community, Indiastat is expanding its horizons with the introduction of a novel e-learning platform – reflecting its steadfast commitment to knowledge dissemination and educational advancement. It is launches with two pioneering online courses:

1. Certificate Course in Election Laws of India: This intensive online program delves into the intricate legal framework governing elections in the world’s largest democracy, providing a deep understanding of election laws and procedures in India. The course covers Indian election laws, the Election Commission of India’s roles and responsibilities, electoral procedures, voter rights, electoral dispute resolution, etc. By enrolling in this course, students can boost their legal knowledge while strengthening their academic and professional profiles.

2. Certificate Course in Business Analysis and Thematic Mapping with GIS Tools & Techniques: A comprehensive course, it provides learners with the skills and knowledge required for effective business analysis and thematic mapping using GIS tools and techniques. Besides, the course equips students with the skills needed to excel in business analysis, offering an in-depth understanding of business processes, data analysis and strategic decision-making. Participants also learn to create and analyse thematic maps using GIS tools, which are essential in various fields such as urban planning, environmental science and business intelligence.

Both courses are carefully crafted by established industry names and domain experts. By arming students with real-world insights via case studies and practical examples, they allow learners to apply this knowledge effectively in their careers. These courses expand the horizons of students, imparting knowledge and skills to empower them to excel in their chosen fields. Knowledge of election laws and GIS tools & techniques uncovers opportunities for better job prospects and career growth. Offered to students and professionals worldwide, these online courses are eliminating geographical barriers to education. Although graduation is required for eligibility to enrol in these courses, students appearing in their final year of graduation can also apply.

Dr R K Thukral, Director of Indiastat, expressed enthusiasm for this new educational venture, stating, “Indiastatedu is the culmination of our commitment to knowledge and education. We are delighted to bring our expertise in data and information to the online education sphere. Our courses are designed to empower individuals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge that can open doors to new opportunities. We believe education should be a lifelong journey and Indiastatedu is our contribution to foster a culture of continuous learning.”

To learn more about these courses, fees and enrolment procedures, visit Indiastatedu welcomes learners from around the world to join us in this exciting educational journey.

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