LAXMI Bus goes cashless, QR based payment service launched

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Bhubaneswar: LAXMI QR Code, for facilitating cashless and convenient payment for LAXMI bus services has been launched today by the Principal Secretary to Govt of Odisha, Commerce & Transport Department, Smt. Usha Padhee.
OSRTC marks a significant stride in digital transactions with the launch of the LAXMI QR Code, revolutionizing cashless payments within LAXMI bus services. This transformative step, unveiled was also graced by distinguished dignitaries and govt officials.
Smt.Padhee, Principal Secretary, C&T department, lauded OSRTC’s initiative, highlighting the alignment of the LAXMI QR Code with the 5T initiative of the Government of Odisha. She emphasized the pivotal role of digitalization in enhancing accessibility and convenience for passengers. She also highlighted the LAXMI QR Code’s potential to revolutionize travel experiences.

CMD of OSRTC, Shri Diptesh Pattnayak, expressed immense pride in this technological advancement, stating, “The launch of the LAXMI QR Code signifies our unwavering commitment to customer-centric service and exemplifies our dedication to embracing digital solutions for a seamless travel experience, perfectly aligning with the Government of Odisha’s transformative 5T initiative.”

Shri Amitabh Thakur, Transport Commissioner, emphasized the collaborative efforts that led to this innovation. “The partnership between OSRTC and HDFC, was instrumental in realizing this payment method,” he stated.

The LAXMI QR Code introduces a user-friendly, secure, and efficient payment option, reducing transaction time and enhancing passenger safety. This innovative stride resonates with OSRTC’s commitment to aligning with the 5T initiative, fostering progress through technological advancements in the transport sector.
At the culmination of the event, Shri Bisikeshan Dehury, GM of OSRTC extended sincere gratitude to all the attendees, dignitaries, partners and officials for making this event successful.

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