Meet Prema, a Trucking Partner with Amazon who overcame challenges to become a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring mother!

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Bhubaneswar: Mother’s Day celebrates the incredible strength and dedication of mothers, honouring their nurturing role at home and the remarkable skills they bring to the workplace. Job roles that previously saw little to no participation by women are now being explored and are seeing a rise in women who excel in organization, multitasking, and managing pressure.Today, women are breaking barriers and excelling at the workplace showcasing their ability to thrive professionally while balancing responsibilities as a mother or caregiver. Prema’s story epitomizes this trend—a single mother who not only took over a thriving trucking business, but also inspires others to join this dynamic industry.

In 2017, Prema (55 years of age) embarked on her journey as a trucking partner with Amazon amidst personal challenges after her husband’s untimely passing. Balancing the responsibility of caring for her daughter and navigating a career shift, she displayed unwavering determination. Despite her background in finance and marketing, Prema delved into the world of logistics. With support from Amazon’s Trucking Partner Program, she transformed her small operation, Simar Express Solutions, into a successful trucking business with Amazon, achieving remarkable growth and success.

Even during the pandemic, armed with her business instinct and Amazon’s support, Prema saw opportunities for adaption and continued to excel, showcasing resilience and determination in the face of adversitytackling them head-on. This resilience paid off, with her business experiencing a staggering 55% revenue growthin the last few years. Her story showcases resilience and sheer determination with which she achieved professional milestones while balancing the demands of motherhood.

Prema has successfully nurtured her daughter’s aspirations of pursuing higher education in the US while running a thriving trucking company.Her dedication to excel at all roles in life stands as an inspiration for all mothers, showcasing their potential to excel in non-traditional fields.”Engaging with Amazon India has been an exceptionalexperience,” says Prema. “It allowed me to build a successful career while balancing the demands of motherhood. I encourage other women to explore opportunities in logistics – it’s a dynamic industry that offers a rewarding path to growth and independence.I’m thankful for the invaluable support I have received from my daughter, my team and Amazon”

In addition to working with Trucking Partners like Prema, Amazon also collaborates with over 350trucking partners across India.  These partners ensure the on-time, reliable, and safe movement of customer packages throughout the country.  Amazon empowers these trucking companies by facilitating health and accident insurance benefits for their drivers and providing technology-driven solutions for safe driving and efficient package delivery.

“Prema’s story is very inspiring, and a great testament of the hard work mothers put in at both workplace and homes for their children. Trucking partners such as Prema, are a very important part of our operations, and I would encourage more women and working mothers to consider such opportunities” said Arun Kumar Singh, Director, Amazon Transportation Services, India

Amazon is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, with women leading many critical businesses and initiatives, driving innovation and growth across the organization.

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