MERIL’s Myval THV Series Achieves Global Recognition in Heart Valve Sector at EuroPCR 2024

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Bhubaneswar : Exciting news from Meril Life Sciences! The LANDMARK trials 30 days primary outcomes were presented on 15th May at EuroPCR 2024, Paris, France. LANDMARK was recognized by EuroPCR as one of the top three late breaking trials poised to transform revolutionise current practices in the field of Interventional Cardiology. Meril Life Sciences’ LANDMARK trial, highlighting the safety and effectiveness of the Myval Transcatheter Heart Valve Series, stands out as a key late-breaking trial at EuroPCR 2024. The trial involving 768 patients across 31 sites underscores Merils dedication to research and patient well-being. The other secondary endpoints including technical success at exit from procedure room, device success at 30 days and early safety at 30 days were comparable in both the groups.

Professor Serruys, Chairman & study director of the LANDMARK trial, said Myval THV series are novel next-gen THV devices; non-inferior to the Sapien and Evolut THV series. Myval THV series have a unique size matrix incorporating conventional, intermediate and extra-large diameters with increasing diameter steps of 1.5mm that match and fit precisely the multi slice CT scan-defined aortic annulus area of each individual patient, as a result, provides a superior effective orifice area on echocardiography, which may impact on durability and long-term clinical outcomes. Additionally, the Myval Octacor, with its 2 rows of octagonal cells and a minimal foreshortening of 19% during expansion, has unique features not paired by any other contemporary design.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, Sr. Vice President – Corporate Strategy at Meril said, ” In a successful development in structural heart interventions, the LANDMARK RCT has revealed compelling results for the novel Myval transcatheter heart valve (THV) series, confirming its non-inferiority to other contemporary THV devices. The results of LANDMARK trial are not just a win for us but for the entire medical community and, most importantly, for patients undergoing TAVI. This study not only reinforces the safety and efficacy of the Myval THV series but also highlights its adaptability to challenging anatomical structures,”.

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