New Research: Snacking on Almonds Can Support Weight Management

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Bhubaneswar :  Two new studies build on the large body of scientific evidence suggesting that almonds can improve diet quality and aid in weight management. They may also support weight loss as part of a reduced-calorie diet among adults with overweight or obesity. The first study[1], published in Obesity and funded by the Almond Board of California, tracked 140 Australians aged 25-65 years with overweight or obesity for nine months. For the first three months of the study, the participants reduced their daily calories by 30% through either a nut-free or almond-enriched diet (with almonds providing 15% of their daily calorie needs, which is approximately 1.0-1.76 ounces/30-50 g). On both diets, participants lost an average of 15 pounds (7 kg) and improved their lean body mass after three months. Moreover, they continued to lose weight, about 2 pounds (approximately 1 kg), during the subsequent six months.

Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head-Dietetics, Max Healthcare – Delhi says, “The Brown study reveals that choosing almonds over biscuits for a year not only results in significantly higher intakes of essential nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals but also a healthier fat profile. The almond group enjoyed the benefits of higher monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats while reducing their carbohydrate and sugar intake. This finding underscores the nutritional advantages of incorporating almonds into your diet for long-term well-being. When consumed mindfully as part of a well-rounded diet, almonds can contribute to a sense of fullness, improved dietary quality, and better overall health, making them a smart choice for those striving to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.”


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