No Imprisonment of the Hinduja Family members. Human Trafficking charges Dismissed

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The four Swiss-national members of the Hinduja Family, Kamal & Prakash Hinduja, Namrata & Ajay Hinduja, have not been subjected to any imprisonment, conviction, sentence or detention.

Per Swiss Law procedures, the lower court’s judgement is rendered ineffective and inoperative as the presumption of innocence is paramount until and unless a final judgment by the highest adjudicating authority is enforced.

The most serious of the charges, Human Trafficking, against them were completely dismissed by the court yesterday.

It may be noted that the case has no complainants left anymore and they had declared in the court that they were led into signing statements that they didn’t even understand. They had neither intended to nor initiated such proceedings. All of them further testified that the four Hinduja Family Members treated them with “respect, dignity and like family”.

The four Family members have full faith in the Swiss Judicial Process and remain confident that the truth will prevail.

: A spokesperson of Kamal & Prakash Hinduja, Namrata & Ajay Hinduja
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