Odisha ‘Date Palm Jaggery’ superhit at India International Trade Fair

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New Delhi, 25 Nov 2023: Date palm Jaggery is consumed in Odisha for ages together. The demand for the same is back in vogue due to its numerous health benefits. To further promote this rural product, priority is being given by the Govt of Odisha. Now, the Date Plam Jaggery and sugar have turned a grand attraction at the Odisha Pavilion in India International Trade Fair 2023 (IITF).

The Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Department, Govt of Odisha has opened stalls for exhibition & sale of Date-palm Jaggery at the Odisha Pavilion in IITF 2023. Visitors and guests from India and abroad are lapping up the same with enthusiasm.

Various villages in Odisha are lined up with date palm trees in the farmlands and fields. So, the state government has taken up a wide range of programs to develop the rural economy as well as provide livelihood to the local people. The jaggery is being produced through 23 primary date palm cooperatives under Odisha Rajya Talgur Samabaya Sangh Ltd. This helps the locals in getting a sustainable income.

Odisha Rajya Talgur Samabaya Sangh Ltd is formed with Cuttack, Jajpur, Kendrapada, Bhadrak, Puri, Gajapati, Dhenkanal, Angul and Boudh districts. The Date Palm Jaggery is being produced at Gajapati, Dhenkanal, Angul and Boudh districts.

The date palm sap is collected from the trees before sunrise. It is cooked and prepared organically. After collecting the jaggery from the primary cooperatives, it is then packaged. Apart from Jaggery, Date Palm sugar granules are also made from the raw material. Being an organic produce, it has no artificial flavours added. Date palm jaggery has various vitamins, minerals and immunity boosting powers. This also helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

Moreover, various décor & handicraft items are made from date palm and coconut tree leaves. The Talgur Samabaya Sangh arranges for market linkage to ensure sale of such products. This helps more than five thousand farmers and artisans of the state in earning a decent income.

The products are being sold at outlets in Unit-2 area of Bhubaneswar and in Gandamunda & Chandini Chowk of Cuttack. Special stalls have been provisioned in various fairs across the state and outside to sell the date palm products. Interested consumers can also order the same through the cooperatives website www.ortss.org

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