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President Murmu Warns of Deepfake Menace: Urges Police to Stay Tech-Savvy

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In a recent address to the 2022 batch of Indian Police Service (IPS) probationers, President Droupadi Murmu underscored the critical need for law enforcement officers to stay abreast of technological advancements, citing the growing use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) by criminals and the emergence of Deepfake challenges. The President emphasized the dynamic nature of law enforcement, given the rapidly changing circumstances influenced by new technologies and social media.

President Murmu acknowledged the myriad challenges faced by police forces, including cybercrime, drug cartels, left-wing extremism, and terrorism. In her statement at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, she highlighted the escalating use of generative artificial intelligence by criminals and the increasing prevalence of deep-fake issues.

“Circumstances change rapidly due to the influence of new technology and social media. Generative artificial intelligence is being used by criminals, and problems like Deepfake are coming to the fore,” Murmu stated.

The President emphasized the importance of continuous updates in the field of technology for police officers, asserting that they must maintain an edge over criminals. Addressing the IPS probationers, she underscored the leadership role of IPS officers in providing guidance to police personnel appointed by state governments. This leadership, she noted, contributes to unifying the country’s police system into an all-India thread.

While acknowledging that the primary responsibility for police administration and law and order lies with state governments, President Murmu pointed out that IPS officers play a crucial role in ensuring effective coordination and leadership within the police force at the national level.

“Strengthening law and order is an essential condition for economic and social development,” Murmu declared, noting that entrepreneurs are hesitant to invest in areas where the law and order system is not robust. She highlighted the central role that the police department plays in the multi-dimensional development of any region.

The President commended the invaluable contributions of police forces in maintaining law and order and preserving the unity and integrity of the country. She reiterated the government’s commitment to providing opportunities for the development of talent and potential for every citizen, making it a national priority for all citizens to participate in the developmental journey.

As the nation aspires to become a developed nation during ‘Amrit Kaal,’ President Murmu expressed confidence in the decisive role that police officers will play in realizing this vision. The call for technological acumen and proactive adaptation to emerging challenges underscores the evolving landscape of law enforcement and the indispensable role of IPS officers in shaping a secure and prosperous future for the nation.

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