RHI Magnesita announces new business vertical for the Indian iron making industry

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~ Announcement made at the Conference on Emerging Refractory Technologies in IF, DRI and Pellet Making in Kolkata.
~ The vertical aims to forge strategic partnership with India’s iron making industry to support decarbonisation, productivity, and performance improvement.
~ Over 100 industry professionals from Eastern India attended the conference that discussed latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in refractory technologies for Iron making.

Kolkata: RHI Magnesita, the global leader in manufacturing and supplying high-grade refractory products, systems, and solutions, today announced that it has set up a new business vertical to service the Indian iron making industry. This announcement was made during the inaugural conference on “Emerging Refractory Technologies in IF, DRI, and Pellet Making – Challenges and Opportunities”, organised by RHI Magnesita in partnership with the Sponge Iron Manufacturing Association and the Pellet Manufacturers’ Association of India. The conference gathered more than 100 industry luminaries, thought leaders, and innovators at the Hyatt Regency in Kolkata.

RHI Magnesita, during the conference, highlighted that the new business vertical aims to support the iron making industry through strategic partnerships to jointly work on key challenges faced by the industry such as decarbonisation, domestic refractory supply reliability, productivity and performance improvement of the iron making plants.

Addressing the gathering on this occasion, Mr. Parmod Sagar, MD & CEO of RHI Magnesita India said “India is the world’s largest DRI producer and is growing further. The Indian pellet making industry has seen almost 18% capacity addition in last one or two years and expected to grow exponentially. This is well in line with the growth of crude steel production in India, with our country emerging as the second largest steel producer globally. The Government of India’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative is further propelling this growth. However, the industry faces challenges like those of productivity improvement and decarbonization. As a critical input provider to the industry and the global leader in refractories, we have set up the new business vertical to dedicatedly service the Indian iron making industry. The conference organised by RHIM today in Kolkata is aimed at all industry stakeholders to deliberate upon the challenges and define a common way forward for sustainable growth.”

The conference explored key topics that are critical for the industry’s future including decarbonization, automation for safety, and production performance improvement of the DRI and Pellet plants. At the heart of this conference is RHI Magnesita’s aspiration to be a driving force in shaping the trajectory of refractory technologies within India while steering the nation towards a more sustainable future. RHI Magnesita is resolutely committed to providing complete support to the Indian refractory industry as it embarks on a journey marked by innovation and sustainability.

Today’s event featured a series of enlightening presentations, including “Pioneering Refractories for the 21st Century and Beyond” by Jyotirmoy Bhattacharjee and Thomas Mathew of RHI Magnesita, showcasing industry innovation. Sanat Ganguli and Cesar Nader presented “Enhancing Productivity in DRI & Pellet Making with Refractories,” offering practical productivity solutions. Atanu Ranjan Pal, Chief Technology Officer at TATA Steel, presented a forward-looking vision for “Decarbonizing the Steel Industry with a Special Focus on Iron Making,” emphasizing sustainability. S. N. Swamy Chairman & MD of EICS Consultancy shared insights on “Sustainable Energy for the Future,” demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly practices. The conference was further enriched by a dynamic panel discussion moderated by Sanat Ganguli, EVP & Head of Iron Making at RHI Magnesita India Ltd, delving into strategic insights and innovations that shape the industry’s promising future.

RHI Magnesita organizes several roadshows across the country where the company hosts interactive conferences with senior professionals from the iron, steel and cement industries to educate them on the latest technological developments happening in their industry globally. In these sessions, RHI Magnesita also deliberates how they can help industries improve and enhance steel/cement production, optimize cost, use modern tools like AI, robotics and thermal imaging technologies for better yield and improved productivity, and so on.

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