Roff, Pidilite’s cutting-edge tile fixing adhesive brand, announced the launch of a consumer awareness campaign

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Bhubaneswar : Pidilite, a leading manufacturer of construction and specialty chemicals, has announced the launch of a new campaign aimed at increasing customer awareness regarding the consequences of using traditional options for tile fixing. The campaign describes the customer’s frustration with cracked tiles, debonding, falling tiles, and unaesthetic appearance resulting from traditional tile fixing methods, including cement.

The usage of tiles has undergone significant transformation over the past few decades, and adhering to traditional tile-fixing methods may not align with the evolving needs of the new-age customers.

While ceramic tiles have a clay surface at the back that bonds well with cement, vitrified tiles, which are the most used tiles today, have a smooth &non-porous surface at the back which is difficult to bond with cement alone. Also tile sizes are becoming bigger. The traditional method provides low bond strength. Modern day tiles and stones require adhesives with higher bond strength that spread evenly for proper fixing.

Furthermore, most other fixing agents are water cured and result in faster evaporation and thus they break and come undone when exposed to weather change cycles. However, Roff adhesives are self-cured and hence are not affected by change in climatic conditions.

Considering these challenges, the company has launched a campaign to help consumers make informed choices. Roff tile adhesives have been specifically designed to reduce and eliminate the common problems that people face when installing tiles.Roff tile adhesives have been designed to provide high bond strength resulting in better fixing and keeping tiles levelled.

Commenting on the new campaign, Sudhanshu Vats, Deputy Managing Director of Pidilite Industries Ltd., said, At Pidilite, pioneering in emerging categories is a core value that drives us.  Our brand Roff is aimed at transforming the way tiles are fixed in India. The nationwide launch of our campaign underscores our unwavering commitment to raising awareness and enhancing customer experiences. Roff products embody cutting-edge technology, blending global expertise with local intelligence. They enable contractors, architects to create long-lasting beautiful tile and stone creations without any worry. Through this initiative our objective is to inform and empower customers to make well-informed choices.”

With its cutting-edge technology and sustainable formulation, Roff stands at the forefront of eco-friendly tile adhesive solutions. The campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability, empowering customers to achieve outstanding results while reducing their ecological impact.

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