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Supreme Court Order Ignored: Sharda Peeth Mandir Demolished Near LOC

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Reports from Pakistan highlight a concerning crackdown on Hindu places of worship, shedding light on the persistent challenges faced by religious minorities in the country. The recent demolition of the Hinglaj Mata Mandir in Sindh province and the Sharda Peeth Mandir near the Line of Control (LOC) has sparked international concern over human rights violations.

The Hinglaj Mata Mandir, located in the Tharparkar District in the city of Mithi, reportedly faced demolition under the guise of a court order. Authorities cited legal grounds for the destruction of the temple, marking another blow to religious minorities in Pakistan. Simultaneously, the Sharda Peeth Mandir near the LOC witnessed a similar fate, despite the existence of a standing Supreme Court order specifically aimed at protecting the sacred site.

Shocking details have emerged, revealing that not only were these revered places of worship razed, but new construction projects, such as a coffee house near the Sharda Peeth Mandir, are also reportedly underway, with plans for inauguration in November this year.

Government sources, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, confirm that these atrocities against Hindus are not isolated incidents. The Hindu community in Pakistan has long grappled with targeted violence, killings, and encroachments on their lands. Disturbingly, local involvement in these acts, often with tacit government endorsement, has become a recurring pattern.

Even UNESCO-recognized sites like the Sharda Peeth have not been spared from destruction, posing a direct contradiction to international efforts aimed at preserving cultural and religious heritage in the region. These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing persecution faced by Hindus in Pakistan.

The international community is now grappling with the urgent need to address these human rights violations and safeguard the rights and freedoms of religious minorities in Pakistan. As global attention turns toward the plight of Hindus in the country, questions are raised about the broader implications for the protection of cultural and religious diversity in the region. The demolition of these temples serves as a call to action for advocates of human rights and religious freedom to ensure that such violations are thoroughly investigated and condemned on the international stage.

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