Swakalpa Initiative Empowers Handloom Weaver in Odisha, Creating Path to Sustainable Livelihood

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Subarnapur, 07-05-2024 – With over 2 million handloom weavers across India facing challenges in sustaining their age-old craft due to limited market access and traditional business models, initiatives like Swakalpa are proving to be instrumental in empowering artisans and revitalizing the handloom sector.

Radhakanta, a resident of Subarnapur, Odisha, embodies the struggles and triumphs of many handloom weavers in the country. Devoting 13 years to the heritage of weaving, Radhakanta encountered difficulties in marketing his products and expanding his business due to a lack of market connections and financial assistance.

However, his fortunes changed when he became associated with Swakalpa. Through the program, Radhakanta received valuable training, mentorship, and legal assistance, enabling him to establish his enterprise, Radhakanta Handloom. With a loan of INR 50,000 from the Bank of Baroda, he acquired essential machinery to scale his operations.

Swakalpa also provided support in branding, marketing, and facilitated market linkages, connecting Radhakanta with reputed brands and platforms such as Tisser India and Dunguripali Farmers Producers Company. These collaborations significantly expanded his business reach and market presence.

Today, Radhakanta’s enterprise boasts an annual turnover of 5 LPA, with a net profit of 1.5 Lacs, showcasing the transformative impact of initiatives like Swakalpa. His success story serves as a beacon of hope within his community, creating employment opportunities and uplifting traditional crafts.Expressing his pride in uplifting his family, community, and state through his handloom products, Radhakanta credits Swakalpa for providing the necessary support and resources to realize his entrepreneurial dreams.

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