Tata Power urges all to Embrace Mother Earth, Love Our Planet and Switch to Green and Clean Energy

Tata Power urges all to Embrace Mother Earth, Love Our Planet and Switch to Green and Clean Energy

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~ Launches new brand film – ‘DuniyaApneHawale’ timed in sync with COP 28, in keeping with the company’s ‘Sustainable is Attainable’ movement~

Mumbai: Tata Power, one of India’s largest integrated power companies has launched a new brand film – ‘DuniyaApneHawale’ promoting the message of “Embrace Mother Earth. Love Our Planet. Switch to Green and Clean Energy.”

As Tata Power stays steadfast in its commitment to ‘Sustainable is Attainable’, this is another step towards inspiring citizens to make sustainable lifestyles a reality and underscore the importance of individual action and responsibility towards a cleaner, greener future.

As a responsible corporate, Tata Power is encouraging the adoption of green energy products and services for its large consumer base including corporate. It is also working on popularizing how a sustainable lifestyle is ‘attainable’ for millions of Indians through wide-scale adoption of affordable green solutions like rooftop solar, EV charging, solar microgrids, group captive solutions, pumped hydro power, smart home automation solutions to promote energy efficiency et al.

Along with Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada news and business channels, the campaign is live on digital and social media platforms, engaging the public with its message.

The film depicts the journey of a globe, demonstrating the abuse and damage that our planet goes through day in and day out thanks to a range of human activities such as deforestation, construction, industrialization, and urbanization. By the end of its journey, the globe is soiled and battered, until two children – representing the future generation – rescue it, clean it, and hug it – demonstrating the love and care that we need to have for our planet. The video concludes with a strong message: ‘Embrace Mother Earth. Love Our Planet. Switch to green and clean energy’ with the words “Hold Me Tight” being sung in the background.

Watch the film:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sqagRNk5HA (English)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IbqvgylAVM (Hindi)

Video Landing Page:


Ms Jyoti Bansal, Chief – Brand & Communications, Tata Power, said, “As we see global leaders congregate and debate at COP28, it is clear that No Action is not an option. Tata Power took the lead in creating the right conversations with Sustainable is Attainable. We take this to the next level as we urge the people to embrace their responsibility and accelerate individual action towards Sustainable Lifestyles and clean energy solutions. The film seeks to inspire a profound appreciation for our planet. The young children cleaning the globe in the film serve as a powerful symbol of how small acts can become catalysts for a big change. We strive to make this a Movement to encourage each one of us to become custodians of Planet Earth – the only home we will ever have.”

Says Mr Pramod Sharma, National Creative Director of Rediffusion, “This film is straight from the heart. The punishment that we are according the planet every day is going to become irreversible if we do not stop the battering immediately. Sadly, much of what we do is out of ignorance and a lot is due to indifference. Both attitudes are killing Mother Earth. In this piece of communication the problems are clearly highlighted and Tata Power sends out an unequivocal message of urgent action at an individual level as well as at a societal level.”

Adds Ms Carol Goyal, Executive Director of Rediffusion who oversees the films portfolio, “We’ve kept the messaging real. It is hard hitting. And the punishment to the globe is shown in situations we see everyday but don’t do anything about. The film is held together by a very strong and evocative musical score and lyrics that we hope will become memorable and enduring.”

Tata Power is committed towards becoming the country’s most preferred and trusted green energy brand. The company plans to achieve 70% capacity generation from clean and green energy sources by 2023 and achieve carbon net neutrality by 2045.

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