Tata Steel Foundation commences Under-10 Boys Football Coaching

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Joda: Tata Steel Foundation has launched a new project aimed at fostering the all-round development of young boys in the bordering Kalmang and Gandhalpada area of Keonjhar district through football coaching.

The “Under-10 Boys Football Coaching” project commenced in September in Kalmang and Gandhalpada villages with the primary objective of instilling in the boys a sense of respect for rules, teammates, and opponents, while also nurturing positive social skills, leadership qualities, and a cooperative nature.

This coaching project has appointed two dedicated coaches, Karan Munda from Gandhalpada and Amit Kumar Behera from Kalamang, one for each village. Their role is to train a total of 41 boys over the course of one month. Kalmang is home to 20 enthusi-astic young players, while Gandhalpada boasts 21 aspiring athletes, all of whom are now receiving expert guidance and supervision from the TSF team. This team is deeply com-mitted to assisting these young boys in achieving their goals both on and off the field.

TSF extends its gratitude to the local community and all stakeholders for their unwavering support in turning this project into a reality.

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