Timely Payment of Electricity Due:  A Moral and Legal Responsibility of Consumers

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Burla/Sambalpur, 19.03.2024: Availability of electricity is considered as one of the most essential for living. People need electricity power along with food, water and oxygen. Since the privatisation of electricity in Odisha and especially in Western Odisha, the licensee TPWOD has taken several initiatives and implemented payment facilities with the state-of-the-art technology for comfort, convenience of lakhs of consumers while paying their monthly electricity bills.

At the same time, the company is creating awareness among the consumers to pay electricity bills on time. However, it is observed that there have been regular defaulters of electricity bills at many corners of the distribution area consisting of 9 revenue districts in Western Odisha. Therefore, the company once again appeal to all its consumers to avail the most convenient methodology to pay the electricity bill regularly and enjoy the rebates announced by Hon’ble OERC from time to time.

It is not out of place to mention here that, under section 47 and 56 of Electricity Act 2003 consumer are legally obligated to pay electricity bill within the stipulated time frame. Falling which, the distribution company is empowered to restrict the electricity supply to the non-paying consumers.

However, the distribution company purchases power from the state nodal agency and re-distributes among the consumers of different segments like- domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural. The company also offers the subsidy to agricultural sectors and offers rebates as per the regulation.

Therefore, it would be not wrong to say, that the consumers are not only legally responsible but also morally responsible for nation building.     

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