Total Hip Replacement Surgery Conducted at Shanti Memorial Hospital

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Bhubaneswar: Mr. NakulaBarik, 34 years old, had been grappling with a debilitating hip issue for the past three years, rendering him bedridden and unable to perform daily activities. Despite seeking medical assistance from various hospitals and physicians, relief remained elusive. However, a beacon of hope emerged when Dr.Ajit Kumar Kar, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Shanti Memorial Hospital, undertook his case approximately a month ago.

Upon thorough examination, Mr. Barik was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, accompanied by fixed spinal deformity, osteoarthritis of both hips, and a fixed left hip. Dr.Kar, assessing his condition and limb mobility, recommended total hip replacement surgery. Ankylosis of the hip poses numerous challenges, including anesthesia administration, postoperative reversal, and inherent surgical complexities.

Following a month of preparatory physiotherapy, Mr. Barik was admitted to Shanti Memorial Hospital for the surgery. The procedure, executed by a proficient team of anesthesiologists led by Dr.Rekha Das and Dr.AlokSahoo alongside Dr.Ajit, navigated intricate tasks such as patient positioning, extraction of the damaged and fixed head from the acetabulum cup, femur neck resection, release of constricted structures, implantation, and timely closure—all within a stringent three-hour timeframe.

Post-surgery, Mr. Barik was kept under observation in the ICU for a day. Remarkably, within three days, he was discharged, capable of walking with the aid of a walker. “The ultimate satisfaction for an orthopedic surgeon lies in witnessing their patient regain independence, resuming daily activities,” remarked Dr.Kar, reflecting on the successful surgery.

Shanti Memorial Hospital continues its legacy of excellence in orthopedic care, exemplified by the successful completion of complex surgeries, restoring mobility and enhancing quality of life for patients.

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