TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL) takes proactive initiatives to manage peak demand in summer

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  • Makes arrangements to meet the peak demand of 1393 MVA during the summer season ~
  • Augmented network, load forecasting and leveraging technology to ensure reliable supply ~

Balasore, 9th April 2024: In the intense heat in this summer, TPNODL has taken many steps to ensure uninterrupted and quality power supply for the valuable customers. TPNODL, a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha that caters to more than 20.5 lakh consumers, expects peak demand to reach 1393 MVA this summer season, a rise by 126 MVA from last year’s 1267 MVA.

TPNODL has implemented various initiatives to manage peak demand as well as to ensure uninterrupted power supply during this summer. Those are as follows:

  • Load forecasting is a crucial aspect of managing peak demand and ensuring a dependable power supply. TPNODL relies on various parameters such as weather forecasts and past demand data to accurately predict the demand and plan optimally for cost-effective power supply to consumers.
  • The Discom has implemented various technologies to assess the health condition of power    assets, helping in scheduling maintenance programs for improving distribution assets’ condition.
  • TPNODL has engaged Business Associates for the Annual Maintenance Contract of   substations, 33 KV, 11 KV lines, transformers for preventive & breakdown maintenance and attending fuse call complaints promptly.
  • A 24X7 PSCC operates as the Central Control Room.
  • A dedicated 24X7 Call Centre has been set up where consumers can call in case of no power supply.
  • 7464 BA employees with 258 vehicles on 24X7 basis in urban sections and 12 hrs. in rural sections along with one team at subdivision level during night hours have been deployed under AMC for breakdown & maintenance of PSS, 33KV, 11KV, DTR & LT line.
  • Adequate manpower and vehicles are available across TPNODL service areas for preventive and breakdown maintenance of sub-stations and feeders.
  • All materials including Distribution Transformers, Cables, Conductors are available in stock at the company’s departmental stores.
  • Centralized customer care/ call center to register customer complaints round the clock- 1912/ 18003456718.
  • Power supply to district Headquarters, Hospitals, Community health centers, Public health centers, RWS&S, PH, etc. will be restored/provided on priority.
  • Affected consumers are informed of power interruption through mobile SMS under Urja Mitra and TPNODL website.

“As a responsible power utility, we have always kept our focus on providing reliable & uninterrupted power supply to our consumers. It is our constant endeavor to provide the best service to the people of Odisha and with the ongoing summers and the expected increase in the temperature. We have implemented various initiatives and are fully prepared to ensure that our customers will not suffer in the harsh weather condition,” said Mr. Dwijadas Basak, CEO, TPNODL

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