TPCODL takes immediate action after Kalbaisakhi storm hits Bhubaneswar

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~ TPCODL committed to minimize the impact and restore power swiftly ~

Bhubaneswar: The Kalbaisakhi storm on 8th June caused disruptions to the electricity infrastructure in Bhubaneswar, resulting in power outages and inconvenience to the residents.

TP Central Odisha Distribution Co Ltd (TPCODL) immediately mobilized its skilled workforce to restore power supply in the affected areas.

TPCODL’s committed ground staff and engineers worked tirelessly to rectify the impacted network and restore the power supply and provide relief to over 6 lakh customers in the impacted regions.

With their swift action, crucial establishments including hospitals, railways, and administrative centers had their electricity restored within a matter of hours. 

By 6:45 pm yesterday, approximately 90% of the 33 kV feeders were successfully restored. Furthermore, the team executed thorough patrolling and clearing of feeders from fallen trees on a war footing.

The Company would like to assure the public that its teams are always making every effort to minimize the impact and restore power swiftly. 

We recognize the importance of a reliable and resilient electricity distribution network, especially during severe weather events, and TPCODL is fully committed to upholding its responsibilities in this regard.

TPCODL remains committed to providing reliable electricity services to the communities it serves.

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