TPSODL Celebrates Children’s Day

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Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), a joint venture between TATA Power and Govt. of Odisha, marked Children’s Day by organizing an exclusive event named “Baccha Party” dedicated to the children of its employees. This celebratory occasion encompassed an array of engaging activities and entertainment.
The event was an exuberant display of various gaming zones, each offering lively and interactive experiences. Children enthusiastically participated in friendly competitions such as the classic lemon and spoon races, artistry showcased through painting competitions, engaging musical chairs, and an assortment of other enjoyable activities. The ambiance was further heightened with a dynamic dance floor where the young ones showcased their dance prowess, moving to the beats with infectious enthusiasm.
More than just a celebration, this event was a testament to TPSODL’s commitment to creating lasting and cherished moments for the children of its dedicated workforce. The company’s ethos revolves around fostering a positive and inclusive work environment that acknowledges the significance of family and community. This celebration was a testament to the company’s dedication to nurturing a sense of unity among its employees and their families, emphasizing the value of togetherness and camaraderie.
Through “Baccha Party,” TPSODL demonstrated its steadfast dedication to not only its employees but also their families, reinforcing the ethos of inclusivity and fostering strong bonds within the organization.

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