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TPWODL undertakes gamut of programs to increase Electrical safety Awareness

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Burla: TP western Odisha distribution Limited (TPWODL) has undertaken various initiatives to increase electrical safety awareness among its employees, business associates and customers. As a leading power distribution company, TPWODL has always prioritised safety and safe use of electricity. In line with this, the company tried to increase awareness among general public through street plays over menace of using illegal electricity, poaching forest animals through electricity shock, building houses under high capacity electricity cables and putting wet clothes for drying purpose on electricity poles.
Similarly, an awareness chariot travelled through Kalahandi district to increase electrical safety awareness. TPWODL tried to aware general public regarding safe use of electricity through playing safety related awareness videos in 20 schools and 162 villages of Kalahandi district. In addition to this, the company has tried to spread awareness in 53 villages of Sambalpur Districts through audio announcement.
TPWODL has not only worked towards raising awareness among the general public but it has also trained students from number of colleges regarding secured use of electricity. Under this initiative, TPWODL management has trained 695 students of Bargarh, Bijepur and Bheden ITI colleges on electrical safety.
TPWODL management has urged general public to share photos of unsafe and illegal use of electricity with electricity department employees in WhatsApp number 8093049410 and win attractive prizes by saving valuable lives.

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