Unlocking Opportunities: A Definitive Guide to Odisha’s Mukhya Mantri Research Fellowship Test-2023 Application Process and Eligibility Criteria

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The Odisha government has announced the commencement of the application process for the Mukhya Mantri Research Fellowship Test-2023 (MFRT). The forms for the prestigious fellowship test are set to be made available before the Durga Puja festival, with the application window opening immediately. The State Selection Board (SSB) will be responsible for conducting the tests.

Application Process and Test Schedule:

Prospective candidates are encouraged to fill in the forms as soon as they become available, anticipating a window before Durga Puja. However, the actual fellowship test is scheduled to take place post the Durga Puja festivities. The State Selection Board, known for its impartial and rigorous selection processes, will oversee the conduct of the tests.

Fellowship Details:

Successful candidates who clear the MFRT will be entitled to a monthly fellowship of Rs30,000. Additionally, students with practical exams will receive a contingency grant of Rs50,000 per annum. It is noteworthy that the MFRT fellowships will be limited to only 300 students, making it a highly competitive and sought-after opportunity. The fellowship, spanning four years, aims to support and encourage research pursuits among deserving students.

Coordination and Management:

A meeting held at Rajya Pustak Bhawan, chaired by Prof Ashok Kumar Patnaik, the Vice Chairman of Odisha Higher Education Council (OSHEC), discussed various aspects related to the MFRT-2023. The discussions primarily focused on the efficient management and coordination of the fellowship program, including the timing of form availability and the test schedule.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the MFRT fellowships, applicants must be below 35 years of age as of January 1, 2023. Academic excellence is a key criterion, with candidates required to have secured First Class in both their graduation and post-graduation levels. The merit list scores will remain valid for two years, providing flexibility to qualified candidates.

Stakeholders’ Participation:

The meeting saw the participation of key stakeholders, including OSHEC Member Secretary Pratibha Sahu, OCAC General Manager Madhumita Rath, Joint Secretary of State Higher Education Department Moushami Nayak, State Selection Board Member Dr Madhusudan Mishra, and Member Prof Gangadhar Nayak. Their involvement underscores the collaborative efforts to ensure the successful implementation of the MFRT-2023.

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