Upstox aims to enable million of Indians to start investment journey

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Bhubaneswar: India, as a country has focussed on saving rather than investing. Less than 5% of Indians today invest in equities, compared with 50% of Americans or 20-30% in other countries. The reason why this is the case is: Financial illiteracy; which is a significant problem among investors, often leading to recurring losses in the market. Hence, they are unsure of participating in the stock market. Upstox- one of India’s leading digital investment platforms; has set out to fill this gap. With their new campaign “Invest Right”; it is their aim to enable hundreds of millions of Indians to invest better, and build their wealth.
Upstox Co-founder, Kavitha Subramanian says, “We want to harness India’s investment potential and empower Indians by providing them with the necessary tools to make informed investing and trading decisions. We have spent months researching and understanding investor pain points, so we have a clear view on this.
The first mistake people make is to not invest. Secondly, they do not ‘Invest Right’. Many investors chase returns, without analyzing the risks. Many are unaware of tools and techniques to reduce risk. Another common mistake is allowing fear or greed to influence investment decisions. Those who indulge in ‘emotional trading’ are unable to handle market volatility and display knee-jerk trading reactions to market news.”
To enhance its users’ journey, Upstox has come up with a plethora of tools and ammunition that prepare users in the world of investing; and instill a sense of confidence for them to step their foot for a rewarding investment journey.
Upstox has designed a platform to cater to the diverse needs of investors and traders. For investors, Upstox has a separate mode called Upstox for Investors, which is easily accessible and free of trading jargon. Upon logging into the Mutual Funds platform, investors can access Upstox’s integrated learning material, which provides crisp and contextual learning material to make informed investment decisions. Upstox’s commitment to providing investors with the best options continues with its Top Funds badges, which are awarded to mutual funds based on deep fundamental analysis of risk and return parameters, enabling investors to invest with confidence.

Unlike other platforms that only provide information on returns, Upstox considers risks, which is a critical factor in making investment decisions. Furthermore, Upstox’s simplified stock analysis page is equipped with features such as analyst ratings, smart lists, UpRanks, checklists, and fundamentals to enable confident stock investing. All mutual funds on Upstox are direct funds, and Upstox does not charge any fees or commissions when buying or selling a mutual fund, ensuring alignment with the customer’s long-term best interests. Overall, Upstox is dedicated to providing investors with a user-friendly platform, reliable information, and a commitment to their best interests.

In this year, Upstox sees itself making giant leaps in terms of its mission and rapidly growing the top line. Upstox is committed to offering a diverse range of investment products and becoming a trusted partner for every investment need of its customers. Upstox’s goal is to make Investing Right easy and accessible for everyone.

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