What your moles tell about you

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In the vast realm of Hindu mythology, ancient texts are replete with insights into an array of topics, spanning from philosophy and sociology to science. Interestingly, many of these age-old wisdoms are now being scientifically validated. One such intriguing facet of Hindu mythology pertains to the art of mole interpretation, whereby the position of a mole on one’s body can be indicative of character and future. Mahabharata and Sāmudrik Shastra delve into this fascinating subject, both have profound mention about enigmatic features of body that tell about the character of a human.

  1. Mole in the Forehead: Symbolizing immense wisdom, a mole on the forehead denotes a person of remarkable intelligence and charisma. They are astute decision-makers and possess profound knowledge of the world.
  2. Mole Near the Eye: Those with a mole near their eye are astute observers and excellent judges of character. They possess an innate ability to understand people simply by gazing upon them.
  3. Mole Near the Lips: A mole below the lips signifies extraordinary attractiveness. People are naturally drawn to individuals with this mark, creating an aura of magnetic charm.
  4. Mole on the Neck: A mole on the neck is a sign of good fortune, granting the individual the ability to achieve their desires. However, they are perpetually driven to strive for more, fostering a perpetual pursuit of growth and accomplishment.
  5. Mole on the Wrist: This mark signifies innate creativity and imagination. Those with a wrist mole possess the potential to be accomplished writers, capable of crafting vivid worlds both in their minds and on paper.

While these are some of the positive interpretations, moles can reveal both favorable and unfavorable traits depending on their placement. The language of moles, as elucidated by our ancient texts, serves as a roadmap to decipher a person’s character and future. These age-old insights remind us that, like an open book, a person’s life can be read if one knows how to interpret the language.

Stay tuned for more revelations about the significance of mole placement, and the distinct traits associated with men and women, as we continue our exploration of this fascinating facet.

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