Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd Extends Expertise from Ambulance to Mahaprayan: Ensuring Dignified Transit for the Deceased

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Sundargarh: In a significant development, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL) has extended its services in Odisha beyond emergency healthcare. District Mineral Fund(DMF) Sundergarh district has boarded ZHL to provide and operate Mahaprayan Vehicles, aimed at providing hearse services to economically disadvantaged families in Sundergarh District.

For over a decade, ZHL has been at the forefront of emergency healthcare in the state, successfully operating the 108 Ambulance service. This wealth of experience in similar services has seamlessly transitioned into the operation of 15 Mahaprayan vehicles within the district. These vehicles, dedicated to transporting deceased individuals to their native areas, have already carried out this solemn duty for 175 families in the past one month.

The government’s Mahaprayan Yojana, initiated in August 2016, continues to offer free hearse services in all 30 districts of Odisha. The recent collaboration of District Mineral Fund(DMF) Sundergarh district with ZHL aims to enhance the efficiency and dignity of this service, particularly in Sundergarh District. The expertise gained from years of managing emergency healthcare situations, coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure, positions ZHL as a valuable partner in ensuring the dignified transportation of the deceased.

Expressing his satisfaction with the collaboration, Sabyasachi Biswal, ZHL Odisha Head, stated, “We are happy to be associated with the Government of Odisha in this project. We understand and value the dignified transportation of the dead body. Our experience in the emergency service verticals and state-of-the-art infrastructure is helping us to give our best.”

This partnership signifies a broader commitment to addressing the holistic healthcare needs of the community, ensuring that even in the final journey, dignity and respect are upheld for every individual, regardless of their economic circumstances.

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