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Bhubaneswar Horror: Tiffin Stall Owner Falls Victim to Fatal Grudge Stabbing

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BHUBANESWAR : In a shocking turn of events on the night of November 6, 2023, tragedy struck at IIIT Chhaka in Bhubaneswar as Sasmita Behera, the owner of a tiffin stall, fell victim to a heinous crime. The incident was reported to the police by her brother, Bipin Behera, who detailed the harrowing events that unfolded the previous night.

According to the report, at around 8:25 PM on November 6, an unidentified assailant stabbed Sasmita Behera while she was attending to her tiffin stall. The attacker swiftly fled the scene, leaving Sasmita with severe bleeding injuries to her stomach and back. Despite receiving primary treatment in an auto-rickshaw, Sasmita succumbed to her injuries early in the morning on November 7.

The investigation revealed a chilling motive behind the brutal act. Mithun Jena of Ganga Patna, who had visited Sasmita’s shop on November 5, harbored a grudge after she refused to serve him ghuguni. Seeking revenge, Mithun purchased a knife from Subash Sahu’s shop on November 6 and instructed his friends to watch a sensational news report on TV at 9 PM.

The accused : Mithun Jena

On the fateful evening, Mithun patiently waited for an opportune moment as customers filled the tiffin stall. Seizing an opportunity when Sasmita’s husband momentarily left to fetch water, Mithun swiftly approached and stabbed her from behind. When Sasmita turned towards him, he inflicted another stab to her stomach before escaping the scene.

Following the crime, Mithun availed a lift on the road and discarded the weapon near a transformer. The police successfully seized the weapon during the investigation, leading to Mithun’s arrest. The accused, Mithun Jena, also known as Mithu, is 34 years old and resides in Tala Sahi, Ganga Patna, under the jurisdiction of Chandaka Police Station in Bhubaneswar.

The evidence collected includes the knife used in the crime, featuring a wooden handle, and the clothes worn by the assailant at the time of the incident.

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