Corruption Exposed: Junior Clerk Apprehended While Accepting Bribe in Balasore

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Vigilance Team Acts Swiftly, Recovers Entire Bribe Amount

BALASORE: Sri Laxmi Narayan Nath, a Junior Clerk at the Office of the Additional Sub-Collector, Settlement, Balasore, was apprehended by the Odisha Vigilance Department for demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs. 4,000 from a complainant. The bribe was allegedly sought in exchange for providing a certified copy of the Yadas Sabak record, a crucial document related to the settlement of paternal land recorded in the name of the complainant’s father.

Suspect: Sri Laxmi Narayan Nath

The vigilant team, acting on a complaint, swiftly moved into action and caught Sri Nath red-handed while accepting the bribe amount. It was revealed that the junior clerk had initially demanded Rs. 5,000 from the complainant for furnishing the required certified copy. However, he was apprehended with Rs. 4,000 in hand during the transaction.

The Odisha Vigilance Department has successfully recovered the entire bribe amount from the accused Sri Nath and seized the money as part of the ongoing investigation. The incident has prompted a detailed inquiry into the matter, and simultaneous searches are being conducted at three locations associated with Sri Nath in Balasore district, with a focus on potential disproportionate assets.

The case has been registered under Balasore Vigilance PS Case No. 32 dated November 30, 2023, under Section 7 of the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Act, 2018. The investigation is currently in progress, with authorities committed to bringing the accused to justice and ensuring transparency and integrity in public service.

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