SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa salutes every father, who serves as beacon of inspiration to their children, by never giving up amidst life’s challenges

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The company leverages AI to captivate audiences and emphasize the timeless nature of father-child bond

Bhubaneswar: This Father’s day, SBI Life’s #PapaHaiNa digital property, appreciates and salutes every father who strives to rise above every challenge, never quits and serves as an inspiration to his child/ren. The unwavering commitment of fathers for taking everything in their stride with confidence and discipline serves as a great example to their kids. Today, fathers are not just providers but increasingly playing the role of enablers, especially as the kids grow up. This approach has allowed fathers to better understand the younger generation kids, support their aspirations, and provide a sense of security both emotionally & financially.

SBI Life’s this year’s #PapaHainNaa digital film brings forth a father’s emotional self-realization journey by showcasing how his qualities of perseverance and dedication are reflected in his child, underscoring the importance of the bond that fosters a confident and responsible fatherhood.

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The digital film opens showcasing Ritika; a 15-year-old daughter, passionate about football, who suffers a knee injury during a match, undergoes surgery and rehabilitation. Despite her father, Deepak’s concerns around the risks involved, she secretly resumes her training. Being protective as a father, the whole situation seems worrisome which leads to disagreement between the father daughter duo. Here, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the film showcases Deepak’s transformation from his late 40s to his late 20s, adding a visual element to the storytelling experience. The poignant scenes depict a younger Deepak taking every efforts towards his dreams. Through this, reverse human storytelling approach, Deepak’s realization dawns upon him as he witnesses the mirror image of his own youthful commitment & determination reflected in his daughter. There is a realization, making him acknowledge that he too possessed the same love, dedication and unwavering spirit towards his passion, during his own youth. He reflects on his efforts to support his daughter and realizes the strong connection they share, built upon their shared love for the game and a never-give-up attitude. At the end, Deepak is seen embracing his role not only as a father but also as a coach, mentor to his daughter.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSR, SBI Life, said, “Fathers have always been known for being the primary bread winners but over the period of time, their role has undergone phases of change. In the journey of providing immense love with unwavering dedication, fathers today are seen someone who inspire their children to not only pursue their dreams but also drives them to never give up amidst life’s challenges. SBI Life’s #PapaHainNa digital film acknowledges every father who not only believes in his passion, pursues it but also stands as an inspiration to his child and supports the child in her/his endeavours.” He further added, “Through our #PapaHainNaa film we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all fathers who go above and beyond to create lasting connections with their children. We salute fathers who, amidst difficulties, never give up, rise above and serve as beacon of inspiration to their children.”

Sahil Shah, President, Digital Experience, Dentsu Creative, said, “With ‘Papa Hain Na’ serving as our central thought of communication throughout the years, this time Dentsu Creative embarked on a unique endeavour by blending technology and emotions to convey a heartfelt narrative between a father and daughter. Leveraging AI technology, we have meticulously crafted a compelling story that emphasizes the profound impact that fathers have as a potent source of inspiration for their loved ones. Through their unwavering pursuit of dreams, fathers often instil a valuable lesson, teaching their loved ones to never relent in their own aspirations. This convergence of determination and devotion to their family culminates in a powerful message of resilience and hope, one that we firmly believe will strike a deep chord with audiences.”

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